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Irish Lottery is the state lottery of Republic of Ireland. It was created when the Republic of Ireland government passed the National Lottery Act, 1986 to help raise funds for good causes.

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Irish Lottery – Play and Win Jackpot Irish Lotto

What is Irish Lottery?

Irish Lottery was first drawn in April 1988 and has distributed thousands of multimillion-Euro prizes to lucky players. Along with other games offered by the Irish National Lottery, Irish Lotto has raised much-needed funds for projects related to health and welfare, youth initiatives, culture and national heritage, sport, the arts and the Irish language within the Republic.

When does the Irish Lotto draw take place?

Irish Lotto is drawn around 7:55pm GMT every Saturday and Wednesday. When six main numbers and a Bonus Ball are dispensed in the main game. There are two additional draws, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2, which players can enter with the same set of numbers that they have chosen for Irish Lotto itself. It costs an extra €1 to play both draws, but they offer top prizes of €500,000 and €250,000 respectively

Numbers are updated on the Irish Lotto Results page shortly afterwards, with the full prize breakdown following soon after.

Odds of Winning Irish Lotto

The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 10,737,573, which makes Irish Lotto very popular with players around the world as the chances of claiming the top prize are much more promising than many other big money lotteries.

A Lotto Plus Raffle was introduced in September 2015, providing an additional prize of €300 for matching the four digit code on your Lotto Plus ticket with the one drawn on the night.

How to play Irish Lotto

In order to play Irish Lotto you must pick six numbers from a choice of 47. Prizes are awarded for matching anything from two main numbers and the Bonus Ball upwards, with the jackpot being won by anyone who matches all six main numbers. Players who match three, four or five balls can increase the value of any prize they might win if they also match the Bonus Ball, which is drawn after the first six numbers.

How to win Irish Lottery?

In order to win the Irish Lotto jackpot, you must match all six main numbers drawn. Those who match two main numbers and the Bonus Ball win a €3 scratchcard, whilst those who match five and the Bonus Ball are awarded an average sum of €100,000. Winnings are paid in a tax-free lump sum to Irish residents.

Does the Irish Lottery have a rollover limit or jackpot cap?

The base level for an Irish Lotto jackpot is €2 million, but the top prize can grow well above that amount due to rollovers.

The Irish Lotto has a jackpot cap of €18.96 million, although that can rise in the future. When the top prize passes this point it cannot grow any further and remains static until it is won, with excess funds rolling down to the next highest winning prize tier, most likely the Match 5+1 tier. This total will then become the new jackpot cap for future draws.

What is the biggest jackpot ever won on the Irish Lottery?

The largest ever Irish Lotto jackpot was won in June 2008 by a syndicate of 16 quarry workers in County Carlow who scooped €18.9 million between them. The largest amount ever won by an individual was €16.7 million, which was claimed by a ticket holder in Waterford in 2010.

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